What does ‘Going Green’ really mean?

This made my day…

Me: I got a coupon via email, but I couldn’t print it out, can I just show you the code on my phone?

Aldo shoe lady: I’m sorry, you need to print out the coupon to use it.

Me: But it doesn’t have a bar code, you would just enter the coupon code in anyway so there is nothing to scan. (I show her the email on my phone)

Aldo shoe lady: I don’t think we can, but let me look. (Takes my phone and scrolls up and down for about 45 seconds. Then goes to her terminal and starts typing.)

Aldo shoe lady: Ok, I can do it this time, but next time please bring in the printed coupon.

Me: Ok, thank you. (She prints out my receipt and puts it in the shoe box.)

Aldo shoe lady: Aldo is going green, so I’m turning your box into a bag! (She slides a shoe string into two holes in the side of the box to make a handle and tapes the box shut.)

Me: (Now, I’m thinking to myself, do I want to be an a**hole and state the obvious? I decided to go for it… with a smile) I don’t want to be a jerk, but wouldn’t it be green if you could take my coupon code from my phone and you wouldn’t have to use a whole sheet of paper for it?

Aldo shoe lady: Uhh… well that wouldn’t work because then people could use the same coupon over and over again.

Me: And they can’t print out the same coupon several times?

Aldo shoe lady: … well, we have to send the paper coupons to the main office.

Me: (I decided to end the conversation there, mostly because I didn’t have the time to explain technology and the 21st century to her.) Ok, I understand. Have a great day!

Do companies like Aldo just say they are ‘going green’ so they can look like they are doing something for the environment? I would think it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to go paperless, I mean Apple gives you the option to email your receipt instead of printing it out. Express has a code for every coupon they give out, so if you don’t have the physical coupon, they can enter the code in instead. I know it’s possible for Aldo to do a better job of ‘going green’.

And that’s what grinds my gears… back to you, Tom.

One thought on “What does ‘Going Green’ really mean?

  1. You know what really grinds my gears? Stores who put everything in a bag. A shoebox is already a box – can’t I just carry that? What they don’t realize is that “going green” doesn’t mean tacking more stupid crap on to make some half-ass solution. The tape makes recycling the box harder and now you have to fish your shoelaces out plus want for them to rig up this magic box bag. Hand me the box, game over.

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