Wedding Invitations by David’s Bridal

I was on the hunt for wedding invitations and it seems there are options for whatever your budget may be. They range from buying blank invites from any store such as Staples, Target or A.C. Moore and printing them on your home printer to meeting with a wedding consultant and having them specially designed and printed to your specifications. I chose the middle option and searched for my invitations online. There were a ton of options but I found little help from reviews on which was the best. I searched through Wedding Paper Divas, The Paper Source, The Knot and finally landed on David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal had the most selection that fit into my budget it seemed.

The website itself is pretty good as far has helping you write your invitations. They present you with screens to fill out the basic information for the event, date, location, address, time, bride and groom’s names, etc. Then on the following pages you can choose from a number of templates they have for the text and change it around as much as you like. The process was pretty painless and not too expensive for 100 invites and response cards with our return address pre-printed on the both the outer envelope and the response card envelope. The strange thing I did find was that it only cost $1 more to get 100 invites versus 75, but the jump from 100 to 125 was much more. Must have to do with the printers they use to batch print the invites. Either way, it worked out for me and now I have a few spare just in case. I ordered the invites on June 29th and they arrived at my door July 22nd, they said 3-4 weeks and they were right on time. All in all this was a very good experience and I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for fairly inexpensive, nicely printed, simple invitations.

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  1. i bet its because its the one day your aren’t allowed to be cheap and if you have over 125 guests you probably can’t the top of your wedding debt so what’s a few more bucks? Throw in the word wedding and most vendors triple their prices. You know the average club DJ isn’t getting a grand for playing some club.

    The post Office has weddings stamps. I never knew so I thought you should.

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