Vibram Five Fingers at Zumba

So I’ve been taking Zumba classes for about 3 months now and I’m pretty much addicted to it. I started out with one or two classes a week and have now escalated to 5 or 6 classes a week. It is so much fun and crazy good exercise. Zumba has its own clothing line and branded merchandise, which I am not embarrassed to say that I have purchased quite a lot of… but not nearly as much as others. I am surprised that they have not created specific footwear for it. There is one pair, but they are nothing special. In fact, most of the frequent Zumba’ers wear Nike Shox, I would assume due to the high impact cardio involved. I’ve been wearing my Adidas cross trainers and just yesterday decided to try out my Vibrams. I figured they would help with my balance on some of the moves and have a more natural feel for some of the dance moves. They were definitely a different experience. I had a much better grip on the floor which was great for keeping my balance and doing squats but this was also detrimental when I needed to twist my feet and glide across the floor. Overall the Vibrams are much lighter than my Adidas sneakers and they give me a better grip on the floor while also still be comfortable when jumping and hoping. As far as having elegant dance moves, sneakers are better. I will probably keep wearing my Vibrams to see if they get better as I get used to doing Zumba with them.

UPDATE: So I ended up trying out the Five Fingers for a regular Zumba class, well actually a double header. The first hour was fine except for the toe tapping bits. Halfway through the second hour my legs were starting to give out and both of my big toes were hurting. Either I wasn’t doing it right, or dancing is not a good idea with these shoes. I’ll probably just stick to the Zumba Tone classes for now.

3 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers at Zumba

  1. just wondering if you continued with the vibrams and zumba? i am thinking of wearing my vibrams for zumba too. just starting to get addicted to zumba!

  2. Actually, I stopped using them because they weren’t good on my feet for the constant jumping and landing on my heels. I also had a hard time with the pivoting after a while. I still use them for running though…

  3. I use vibram 5 fingers (jaya) for Zumba. I really like the experience the only thing I can’t do is slide my foot round when I do rotations, but I have gotten used to it now and find that i lift my foot slightly as i go round but manage to still feel grounded and balanced.

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