Vegas Nightclubs – What I Learned

So I went on a ladies’ trip to Vegas this past weekend and I quickly found out the perks of going with a group of women. We knew we wanted to check out a couple nightclubs but didn’t want to pay the ridiculous cover charges and wait in long lines to get in. The very first day, Saturday, as the five of us were walking through the casino on our way to dinner we were stopped by a nicely dressed man with a business card. He asked us what we had planned for the evening. We told him that since we were staying at the hotel, we were going to check out LAX nightclub that evening. He told us that he could put our names on the “guest list” and provide us with wristbands that would get us in no line, no cover, and free champagne till midnight. He said the only catch was that we had to arrive close to when the club opened, at 10:30, to ensure we get in before the club reaches capacity. Since most nightlife in Vegas doesn’t really start until after midnight it seemed like a reasonable deal. The wristband had his initials on it so the club would know who we were brought in by.

So we arrive at the club at 10:30 and there are the beginnings of a crowd. Almost everyone wearing the same wristbands. That was the catch. You may be on the “guest list” but so was pretty much every other girl that walked past that promoter that night. So as we stood there, the promoter came up to us, greeted us, smiled and made us feel special. He “had a word” with the bouncer that was letting people in and came back to tell us we’d be in shortly. Well shortly ended up being an hour. I’m sure you ladies can agree with me, standing in one spot for an hour in five-and-a-half inch heels can make you a bit cranky. Of course the people (almost all guys) that bought VIP booths got in first. Once we were inside, I quickly realized that we had gotten a pretty good deal since the club was fairly empty. We were easily able to get drinks (yes the champagne was free, it was no Dom, but it was free), and were able to get space on the one area of seating that was free, yes near the bathrooms. After about a half hour of making it up to our feet for standing for an hour we decided to hit the dance floor. By this time it was getting a bit more crowded but there was still room to move. About 45 minutes later, around midnight, I suddenly realized I couldn’t move, my personal space had officially been invaded. The club was so packed, dancing was pretty much out of the question as well. Then I was tapped on the shoulder. I turn around and it was once of the bouncers, telling me that a VIP table was requesting that my two friends and I join them for some drinks and dancing. After looking at my friend, and getting a “no way” glare back, I said “no thank you” to the bouncer, who promptly turned to his co-worker and said, “need three escorts”. And it all made sense to me. Let the girls in for free and the guys will quickly pay (a lot) to follow.

Vegas nightclub promoters love groups of good looking women, especially when they can get them to come to their club. Not only do they get the women to come, make their commission but they entice men to buy expensive bottles of vodka and “VIP” booths in hopes that some of these women will join them in these expensive booths.

Sunday night, we were approached again by a different promoter urging us to come to the new club Christian Audigier at Treasure Island. Same deal as LAX except we got free Skyy vodka drinks until 1pm. Turns out the slower the night the better the deal. This time there was no waiting to get in and the club was not even close to being packed. Which also meant that the women weren’t being harassed nearly as much.

So next time I go to Vegas and decide I want to go to a nightclub, I will definitely find a promoter to put me on “the list”. I’ll also choose an off-peak night, if off-peak is not an option, I’ll be sure to get there early and leave before I can no longer breathe. But I’ve pretty much learned that unless the theme is completely different, once you’ve been to one nightclub it’s pretty much the same thing all around.

One thought on “Vegas Nightclubs – What I Learned

  1. I grew up in Belgrade, (Europe) and still visit there when I can, and party ofcourse…and clubbing there is so much more professional. One time in NYC, I went out with 3 of my cousines and only one being a guy, bouncer told us that only 3 of the girls can get in, but he couldn’t ?! That would never happen in Belgrade…

    O well, but it is kinde of nice to get drinks for free… :)

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