The Lynn Food Project Petition

A local friend brought this to my attention and I wanted to help spread the word.

The Lynn Food Project needs your support. There is a small group of people who want to prevent the renewal of the Food Project’s lease. This project is great for local kids to learn about food, farming and establish a good work ethic. Plus the food grown is distributed through the local CSA. It’s worth saving.

Here is the link to the petition:

And here is a link to a local blog post on the situation:


One thought on “The Lynn Food Project Petition

  1. Thank you for getting involved with the Lynn Food Project. It truly is a wonderful program and to thing that one woman is willing to ruin the entire program for the children and the community is unforgivable.
    By the way, I taught my husband how to bake from scratch and now he is pretty good at it. I have wonderful old recipies that date back to at least 1929 and are so good, especially the banana nut bread. WOW!
    P.S. I’m on Facebook

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