Tale of a lost iPhone…

Last Tuesday evening I went to a Web Innovators conference at the Royal Sonesta hotel in Cambridge, MA.  Some time between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning my phone disappeared. Since I checked every possible place it could be, I’ve deduced that it got stolen at the hotel. So to the person who picked up a white iPhone that wasn’t yours, could you kindly return it please?

Yah, I know that’s very unlikely, but it was worth a shot. In the meantime, I’ve learned a very important lesson. And like most lessons for me I tend to be the last horse that crosses the finish line. My phone didn’t have the passcode enabled on it. In my defense I had it at one point but it became so tedious to type it in each time I wanted to use my phone (and I used it A LOT) that I just figured I didn’t need it. Boy was I wrong. When I realized I had lost it the first thing I did was try to call it and it went directly to voicemail. Since I knew the phone couldn’t have drained its battery overnight, I assumed someone found it and turned it off or it was in pieces. I immediately changed my email passwords and was able to confirm that whoever had it had not checked my email or made any phone calls. After changing my passwords and logging my account out of all sessions, I cancelled the phone and data service to the device. But that still doesn’t help with the fact that whoever has it can see all of my contacts, text messages, notes, pictures and other information I had on it. So it was a pretty steep price to pay to learn a valuable lesson on security. Now I am on the hunt for a better way to protect my phone than just the standard passcode (which I am most certainly using now). Ultimately, I want to be able to remotely wipe my phone clean whenever I need to as well as use the built-in GPS to track it. Please comment on what you’ve got or what you know of.

3 thoughts on “Tale of a lost iPhone…

  1. I saw this thing on 24. You need another cell phone but call it a 24.7GHz jamming scanner. Then you need to pull off the back plate and using a pocket knife pry off the 400 pin BGA chip and wire pin 397 to pin 2). You only have 5 seconds from when you pry off the back plate so go quickly! Then dial #442 and your phone will be wiped cleaner than a fat kid’s plate.

    Seriously though sorry to hear about your phone. I don’t use the passcode either because its too annoying. If you have the ICCID or serial Apple can probably track your phone down. Maybe you can buy it back on ebay.

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