Issues with Snow Leopard

I installed Snow Leopard today without regard to potential incompatibilities. I should also say that my Macbook Pro is about 3 years old and the battery is about to completely die on me. It holds a charge for about 45 minutes. After I installed Snow Leopard, I noticed a “Service Battery” message when I clicked the Battery menu sending me to a Mac Help window.



I need to do further testing but I noticed that my battery seems to be lasting a bit longer on charge then it used to. But again, I need to verify this. Expose seems to be a bit smoother in transition and I gained about 10 gigs of space on my hard drive. I think Spotlight needs to reindex since it can’t seem to find any of my applications. I read that the Time Machine backup is 80% faster, which I will believe when I see… tomorrow night.

Here are some of the issues that I have come across thus far:

– had to reinstall Aptana Studio to 1.5.1
– need to reinstall XCode from Snow Leopard disk
– needed to reinstall Sqlite3 gem
– issues with Mongrel 1.1.5, after much debugging and reinstalling ended up using WebBrick for now
– need to install the 3.3+ version of Cyberduck, older versions are not compatible

Apple says the sleep is 1.8 times faster and wake-up is 2 times faster. I can agree with the wake-up but would have to say in the few times I tested sleep is much slower for me.

Here is a good wiki that lists applications, their versions and their compatibility status with Snow Leopard.