You ever have insomnia and the only thing you can do is watch those late night infomercials? And you sit there and wonder, is my lack of sleep causing me to halucinate or is this for real… Well here’s another one of those moments. I read this article on TechCrunch and nowhere could I figure out what the product actually was. So I went to the product’s website, and after digging around and getting to the english section of the info page, I was able to figure out that this item, that looks like it should be sold at KB Toys, is a USB extension for your keyboard. Yes, it gives you one-click ability to enter an emoticon. Seriously? If you are using that many emoticons that you need a special keyboard for it, just stop.

To Drink Another or Not to Drink Another…

It’s coming up on 1:30 a.m. and it’s last call. You have to make a choice, “do I want one more drink?”. But you have to drive, or leave your car in the city and take a $100 cab ride home. How do you make that all important decision? Easy. Whip our your duiPhone. Yep, now you can take a breathalyzer on your phone. Takes the guess work out of figuring out if you’re too drunk to drive.

(Or you can just use your brain cells, or what’s left of them at the end of the night, and assume that if you have to wonder, you shouldn’t be driving.)