Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

A friend sent me a recipe for Greek Yogurt cupcakes and said that he would be very excited to try them if I were to bake them. I was a bit weirded out at first but figured I’d give it a go. Greek yogurt differs from American yogurt in that it is thicker in consistancy, the flavor is a bit stronger and it lacks some of the additives such as high sugar content and geletin.

I personally don’t eat plain, unflavored yogurt and have never considered to put it in my baked goods. Nonetheless, I went out and purchased 2 containers of Fage Greek yogurt to make these cupcakes. The consistancy of the batter was a little less smooth than traditional cake batter and the smell of the yogurt was strong. The aroma of the yogurt only strengthened when I put the batter into the oven. While these cupcakes were baking, I was getting the feeling that I was not going to be fan of Greek yogurt, and once I tasted it, the feeling was confirmed. But still, I made the yogurt frosting that went along with the recipe and topped each one. The frosting had a consistancy more of cinnamon bun icing and looked nothing like the image in the recipe. But after a few minutes when the frosting had settled, it became more solid, just like icing.

I had to assume it was the strong smell of the yogurt that was what turned me off of the taste, it’s not that they were bad. Maybe I just don’t like yogurt in my cupcakes. I gave the cupcakes to my friend who gave me the recipe and he loved them. His wife loved them. Our waitress at the restaurant we had dinner at that night, loved them, and the hostess loved them too. So I am just going to assume my tastes differ from most people around me and write these cupcakes off as tasting great! You tell me.

Matcha cha cha mint!

I’ve been trying out different cupcake recipes, and I like to make the ones that go beyond just vanilla and chocolate. A friend sent me the link to this recipe for White Chocolate Matcha Mint Coconut cupcakes (say that 5 times fast!) I generally don’t like mint outside of an after dinner candy, but I figured I’d give them shot. First off, I didn’t think it would be so hard to find coconut milk… apparently in Boston it is. I ended up at a tiny mini mart in Chinatown that not only had it, but had 3 different brands. At that point (and since it was written in Chinese) the brand didn’t matter.

In the end, I had to double up the calling for the peppermint oil and the matcha powder since the butter seemed to overpower the taste. This was the first time I had made a buttercream frosting, and it came out fantastic. It added a smooth texture to the coconut cupcake. I added coconut shavings on top to bring out the flavor of the cake. All the extra effort was definitely worth it since these are probably the best cupcakes I have ever made (or ate!) But don’t go on my word alone, everyone that tried them has agreed.

So if you fancy yourself a baker or like to try out different recipes, give this one a shot and let me know what you think.