Issues with Snow Leopard

I installed Snow Leopard today without regard to potential incompatibilities. I should also say that my Macbook Pro is about 3 years old and the battery is about to completely die on me. It holds a charge for about 45 minutes. After I installed Snow Leopard, I noticed a “Service Battery” message when I clicked the Battery menu sending me to a Mac Help window.



I need to do further testing but I noticed that my battery seems to be lasting a bit longer on charge then it used to. But again, I need to verify this. Expose seems to be a bit smoother in transition and I gained about 10 gigs of space on my hard drive. I think Spotlight needs to reindex since it can’t seem to find any of my applications. I read that the Time Machine backup is 80% faster, which I will believe when I see… tomorrow night.

Here are some of the issues that I have come across thus far:

– had to reinstall Aptana Studio to 1.5.1
– need to reinstall XCode from Snow Leopard disk
– needed to reinstall Sqlite3 gem
– issues with Mongrel 1.1.5, after much debugging and reinstalling ended up using WebBrick for now
– need to install the 3.3+ version of Cyberduck, older versions are not compatible

Apple says the sleep is 1.8 times faster and wake-up is 2 times faster. I can agree with the wake-up but would have to say in the few times I tested sleep is much slower for me.

Here is a good wiki that lists applications, their versions and their compatibility status with Snow Leopard.

One thought on “Issues with Snow Leopard

  1. Im Having the Same Issues With the Service Battery. Battery is working Fine though? I tried reseting the PMU I think its called by powering down the Macbook and Removing the power and Battery for 30 seconds. But it still came up the same showing service battery.

    If you find an answer reply back so i can pass it along too. There are a handful of people out there ive read with this but no one knows why? Never had a battery issue before though.

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