Skitchy Skitch Skitch

I used to use a screen capture tool called Snag It on my PC at my old job. I thought it was the greatest tool, it let me not only take screen captures but screen videos too and it let me edit my captures using MS Paint-like features. At my new job, I got to choose my desktop platform and of course I chose a Mac. So I was on the hunt for a screen capture application like Snag It but for Mac and, of course, for free. I stumbed onto a forum where someone had asked the very same question: “What’s a good screen capture tool for Mac?”

Among the many of the responses to the thread, I checked out Skitch. Skitch is by far one of the best applications I have used. The user interface is extremely intuitive and very clean. Screen capture is flawless and editing and saving your capture couldn’t be easier. The user interface integrates well with Apple’s design patterns and methodologies. It’s so easy and quick to use, I sometimes use it as an alternative to Photoshop for my simple image edits.

If you own a Mac, Skitch is a must have application. Check out the demo video here.

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