Pilot Frixion Pens

I am not as picky as some when it comes to writing utensils, since most of my writing is done on my computer. But recently I’ve been using my Moleskine Reporter Notebook to keep track of all of my to-do’s and random notes on the go. I was given a Pilot Frixion pen, it erases with a rubber nub using friction, very cool. It’s nothing like those erasable pens from the 90’s that burn a hole in your paper and you can still see the reminants of the ink. This pen erases clean away with no rubber shavings left behind. It’s genious! This is favorite pen to write with, with the Le Pen coming in close second…

The Pen Addict is having a giveaway for the new line of Pilot Frixion pens. But don’t enter, because I want to win!

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