Karli Jewelers in Downtown Crossing, Boston

My engagement ring was a full size too big for my finger which was totally a bad measuring job on my part. Apparently, since it is an eternity band (diamonds all around it) every jeweler and everywhere I read online said resizing could not be done. So I paid $100 and had 2 sizer balls soldered on the inside bottom of the band which made the band fit a little tighter on my finger. It wasn’t really noticeable, but it got kind of annoying because I knew the gap was there. Well 2 years later it was finally time to get married and I got my matching wedding band in the size that was right for my finger. Too bad when you put both rings side by side the size difference, even with the sizer balls, was very noticeable and it was very annoying since I could feel the size difference between the two rings. My co-worker suggested that I visit Kev at Karli Jewelers. He said he goes to Karli for everything and that Kev is a master jeweler and can pretty much make anything out of metal and stone. So I figured it was at least worth a call. Over the phone Kev said that if it was channel set, which it is, he could do it. I was a bit surprised. So I stopped by his store, which is situated among many other jewelers in Downtown Crossing, and showed him the ring. He said that he would have to do it with a laser as not to ruin any of the diamonds and that he would make a small slice, take out 2 stones and piece it back together. I was a bit nervous, but I trusted my co-worker and I was desperate to have the ring be the right size.

Kev charged me $120 and it was beyond worth it. I got the ring back 3 days later, perfectly clean and flawless. I spent 10 minutes staring at it trying to find where he cut the band, I still don’t see it. It fit me perfectly and it matches the size of my wedding band. He really is a master at his craft and I would definitely go back to Karli Jewelers. His showroom is clean and bright and his jewelery is beautiful and unique. Definitely go check it out!

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