Flying Trapeze

So in the continued effort to find my ‘natural talent’ I took a flying trapeze class. Coming off of my failed cliff jump in Jamaica, I’m not quite sure why I thought I could do this any better… being afraid of heights and all. But there was a Groupon, and just as they expect, I bought it since I knew I would never do it otherwise. I was able to rope in two of my friends and we set off for our 2 hour lesson. The Trapeze School was inside Jordan’s Furniture and I had seen it a bunch of times before when I went to the IMAX theatre. It was completely different knowing that I was actually going to be doing it though and my stomach sank the minute I looked up at it from the registration desk. I figured I might chicken out. We got a brief lesson and got to practice swinging and doing the knee hang on the low bar in the practice area. Then it was time to go up and just do it. They told us that the hardest part would be jumping off of the ledge… boy were they right. My brain had the hardest time forcing my legs to jump, it was almost as if they had a mind of their own and it was saying “nope”. Once I was able to slide my legs off of the ledge in the most ungraceful fashion, it wasn’t so bad swinging and using the momentum to get my legs up into the knee hang. Took me a couple of jumps but I was getting the hang of it (except for the actual jump part where my legs were just not having any of it).

Our last two jumps involved being caught by one of the professionals. We had to use the skills we learned to make sure that our jumps and knee hangs went as smoothly and quickly as possible so that we could make the catch. It’s all about timing. If you hesitate at any point the timing will be off the you will be out of sync. This posed a problem for me since after 7 jumps I still couldn’t get my legs to jump off of the ledge when I was supposed to. Apparently the guy at the top assisting us knew this as well. When it came to my turn, he had me put my feet together and when the catcher yelled “HOP!” he pushed me off the ledge. It worked great and I was able to make the catch :)

After 2 hours and nearly 10 jumps I still wasn’t any less scared than the first jump, but I survived. Not sure if I’ll do it again though, and it is definitely NOT my natural talent… as if you can’t tell by the look on my face.