The Lynn Food Project Petition

A local friend brought this to my attention and I wanted to help spread the word.

The Lynn Food Project needs your support. There is a small group of people who want to prevent the renewal of the Food Project’s lease. This project is great for local kids to learn about food, farming and establish a good work ethic. Plus the food grown is distributed through the local CSA. It’s worth saving.

Here is the link to the petition:

And here is a link to a local blog post on the situation:


Sale at EMS

The economy is hitting everyone pretty hard, but it also means crazy sales at almost every store.

Eastern Mountain Sports is having a massive sale on everything. Everything in the store is at least 20% off, then it goes up from there. So if you always wanted that North Face jacket or need an extra pair of gloves definitely go check it out or go shopping online.


You ever have insomnia and the only thing you can do is watch those late night infomercials? And you sit there and wonder, is my lack of sleep causing me to halucinate or is this for real… Well here’s another one of those moments. I read this article on TechCrunch and nowhere could I figure out what the product actually was. So I went to the product’s website, and after digging around and getting to the english section of the info page, I was able to figure out that this item, that looks like it should be sold at KB Toys, is a USB extension for your keyboard. Yes, it gives you one-click ability to enter an emoticon. Seriously? If you are using that many emoticons that you need a special keyboard for it, just stop.

To Drink Another or Not to Drink Another…

It’s coming up on 1:30 a.m. and it’s last call. You have to make a choice, “do I want one more drink?”. But you have to drive, or leave your car in the city and take a $100 cab ride home. How do you make that all important decision? Easy. Whip our your duiPhone. Yep, now you can take a breathalyzer on your phone. Takes the guess work out of figuring out if you’re too drunk to drive.

(Or you can just use your brain cells, or what’s left of them at the end of the night, and assume that if you have to wonder, you shouldn’t be driving.)

Call your bookie

I’ve always been fascinated by gambling. I don’t know what it is about it. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t have a gambling problem, not in the least. I’ve been playing poker with my dad since I was 12, not for money or any kind of t.v. snack, but we’d play draw poker on the end table in the living room for fun. Then when I turned 18, I went to Casino Niagra on the Canadian side of the Falls. When I was 19 I went to Turning Stone Casino in upstate NY, followed by Atlantic City at 21 and recently went to Vegas for the first time.

There is something about the casino floor that makes me feel all excited inside, like I’m at a theme park. All the sounds, people yelling, and the flashing lights, it’s interesting to watch adults play games of chance. And for the most part, that’s what they are, yet I would bet that a very large majority of the people who are playing these games feel that they have control over the outcome. Whether it be statistics, mental math or one’s own luck. I would fall into that small minority that steps onto the casino floor knowing that whether I win or lose I am just playing a game, just like going to a theme park. So for me, the fun of it all is the atmosphere, interacting with other players, chatting with the dealers and maybe coming out ahead.

Then there is the other side of gambling, when people do it as a job, as their means of income. I never thought that professional gambling could be a career. Well apparently it is. There is a whole world of online gambling with everything you would find in a physical casino but in the virtual world. Poker rooms, slot machines, keno, horse racing and fantasy sports. So I guess it was only a matter of time before the online video game playing was tied into online gambling. The framework is already set up, its a no brainer. According to CrunchGear:

“The guts for this system have been in place for a long time: ranking systems already set up gamers for matches based on skill; half the sites on the net already have an evaluation system for users, comments, or what have you; gambling sites already have systems in place for handling accounts and paying out securely. Someone just needed to stitch these services together and give it a name. Thus, BringIt.”

BringIt is a startup that has created a site where gamers can challenge eachother with cash on X-Box 360, Playstation 2 and 3 and Nintendo Wii, playing a variety of different games. A good way to grab a piece of the giant online gaming pie. Check out there website by clicking on the image or read the CrunchGear article here.