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My new favorite (and frequent) go-to place for a delicious, inexpensive dinner is Casa Molina on Lewis Street. I started going there a few months ago and have recently been getting dinner there at least twice a week. I was referred there by the same co-worker who told me to check out Jamaica’s Flavor, so I knew he wouldn’t steer me wrong. My first order was for delivery and I noticed right off the bat the friendliness of the staff. The person I spoke to on the phone was genuinely nice and pleasant, he repeated my order to me, gave me the total and a time estimate, all without having to ask. The food arrived to my door in the same time frame as any other delivery in the area but what surprised me the most was the freshness of the food. My tacos were made, including the crispy shells, right when I ordered them. They give you the option of American (lettuce, tomato, cheese) or Mexican (onion and cilantro) style with the tacos. So far, I have tried the chicken burrito, chorizo and chicken crispy tacos and the al pastor enchiladas.

I have become addicted to the chorizo crispy tacos, Mexican style with chicken being a very close second. You can get an order of 3 tacos for $4 or a 3 taco plate (with rice and beans) for $6. The enchiladas are my back-up for when I need a break from tacos. There are 4 enchiladas in an order for about $4 and even though they are listed under the appetizer section, they are definitely a meal on their own. You can get any of their menu items with any of the meats they offer.

I also finally tried the banana chimichanga. I may be biased because I would eat any kind of dessert just as long as it had a high sugar content, but this dish was delicious. It’s a whole banana wrapped in a sweet tortilla and deep fried. Of course anything deep fried is just plain awesome, but add ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cinnamon to it and you’ve got a meal! Definitely a must try. I wanted to add pictures to this post but I seem to eat my food in its entirety before I even have a chance to whip out my camera.

I had the pleasure of meeting Douglas Molina on one of my many visits to pick up my order. As the owner he is always there, making the food, putting together the orders, serving people who are eating in all while genuinely hoping that you are enjoying your meal. He is extremely friendly to everyone I have seen him speak to and is an overall hard working and dedicated business owner.

If you in or around Lynn, definitely make your way over to Lewis street and check out Casa Molina. I found out today that Douglas will have a website up soon and I will update this post with pictures and a link to the site.

8 thoughts on “Casa Molina Lynn, MA

  1. Wow, sounds terrific. Especially the chorizo crispy tacos, which would be right up my alley. I have also heard that Tacos Lupita and Mexico Lindo are good. Any opinion on what’s the best of the three?

  2. The chorizo there is spicy enough and not overpowering, definitely give it a try. I’ve been to Tacos Lupita but haven’t checked out Mexico Lindo… I need to though. Tacos Lupita was good but if I had to choose between the two, Molina wins. Lupita has a vegetable soup that my husband absolutely loves but they only make it on the weekends and once it’s gone you have to wait until the next weekend.

  3. I’ll have to check this out. I’ve eaten a lot at Tacos Lupita and I’d like to sample the competition. Can’t wait for a website.

  4. Went there today and had the 10″ steak chimichanga. DEEEEEELICIOUS. I’ll definitely be making this a regulat stop.

  5. Glad you liked it! I haven’t tried their meat chimichanga yet, but I definitely will now. The banana one is awesome.

  6. I agree with the sentiments about “Casa”. Last summer while visiting my family in Lynn and yes my hometown, I ended up going there four times a week! And yes the owner and his wife are wonderful people.

    I do hope when I arrive back in Lynn later this week that “Casa” is still going strong!

  7. Went to Casa Molina last week. I ordered the al pastor burrito. Was so happy when I received some complimentary hot chips and homemade salsa to munch on before my burrito. The owner is super sweet, as is his wife and baby, and assistant, too! The baby made baby noise during my entire visit…loved it!! The burrito was really yummy, especially the tender pork. I do wish there were more veggies inside, especially guacamole. I think next time I’ll take your suggestion and try the crispy chorizo tacos, and the banana chimichanga someday, too!!

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